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20 October 2013 @ 02:29 pm
ATL LOLS ~dork edition~  
Don't you just love those fantastic real life fandom moments that collide with the fanfiction in your head? I just heard about Changmin playing tennis in that Cool Kiz on the Block variety show he is in! And being utterly atrocious at it!


I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!! Changmin, your beautiful fails... He's so tall and he still can't hit the ball.

What beautiful timing this all is! I was starting to write Seunghyun and Jay's disastrous tennis practice session in ATL (I don't consider that a spoiler =P) when I realised this had come out. What beautiful visuals for me HAHA! Oh this is just too good. I keep alternating between laughing my ASS off and just grinning from ear to ear. Something tells me the next chapter of ATL is going to be out so much faster now LOL!

I can't wait to watch the full segment of Changmin's fails when it is out. >D


Changmin, you are a gift from heaven. XDD
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