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The Abyss of thoughts

Lost in the fog of one's mind...

wild_terrain (i.e: Fi_chan)
8 November
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You have stumbled across the writing journal of fi_chan!!

So far, my fanfiction focuses on the following fandoms:
-The GazettE

THIS IS MOSTLY actually completely A PLACE WITH YAOI FICS. If you don't like boys who like other boys...run whilst you still can~.

So far, the stars of this writing universe are the lovely...:
YunJae hug Yunjae <3

Please, please, please, feel free to take a look around the place!
If you happen to read anything, much much love to you. After all, the fics are here to be read - I literally have folders overflowing with bits of random writing I've done at the oddest times - study breaks, in the middle of the night, at the train station, in class, YOU NAME IT. So instead of leaving them all to rot in my folder I thought I might as well post them up here for more people to experience~~.

If you like what you see then add me as a friend because I don't necessarily post all my fanfiction onto the fandom communities (I ish a shy little thing :P). Plus I love chatting to readers, so certainly don't be shy to click the FRIEND button, ohohooh. Although I do warn you, I am slightly insane...I believe my friends still call me "spazz" hahah *stands proud* :D

But most of all....ENJOY M'DEARS!!

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